Shortly after getting my results for second year (2:1), I flew to Florence a week prior starting the placement to give myself sometime to prepare myself.

Going onto the roles and responsibilities as an IT support, these are the duties I will be doing everyday:
·    Helpdesk management (answering on the phone, first line troubleshooting and solving, opening and closing support tickets)
·    Installation of PCs
·    Asset management (HW and SW inventory management)
·    Cloning procedures
·    Networking
·    Installing PC hardware – external peripherals and internal components
·    Installing software on Windows and Mac platforms
·    Troubleshooting on software and hardware on Windows and Mac platforms
·    Email ( MS Outlook or Web-based)
·    General support of user IT related problems
·    Documentation skills including HTML

I will be here for a year starting from the 16th July 2015 and finishing on 15th July 2016.