Last week I visited the Rome, capital city of Italy. I travelled 3 hours there by coach from Florence arriving approximately 6.30 am. Upon arrival, all the shops and cafes were closed so I decided to visit the Colosseum first before it gets busy.


The Colosseum was beautiful and no wonders why so many people visit there everyday. From research after hours of opening, there could be a 2 hours queue before entering this historical building. To get here I took the metro/underground tube from Tiburtina to Colosseo, costing less than € 2 for 100 minutes.

I moved on to my next attraction to see the ‘Mouth of Truth’, which is a historical lie detector that is believed to haven bitten the arm of the liars after putting their limb inside the mouth.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 18.51.34

On the route to Trevi Fountain, I found the Altare della Patria also known as ‘Altare of the fatherland’. This building was built in the honour of the first king in 1925, till now the security is high as there are military soldiers inside to protect it from any harms.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 19.02.27

Arriving at Trevi Fountain there are constructions in place causing the actually fountain to be closed, as you can see from the image. Trevi Fountain is another hot spot in Rome. Thousands of tourists comes here to see the fountain and follows the tradition to throw coins with your right hand over your left shoulder, this suppose to bring love and romance to you.


The Pantheon, one of the best preserved concrete buildings in Italy built between 118–128 AD. This building has the history of 2000 years, inside you will find details of sacred gods.

Before heading back to coach station I went to one of the parks in Rome, simply to relax myself to this sunny day and enjoying my lunch. There is so much more to see in Rome which I didn’t get the chance too due to the lack of time there.