Venice is the city I have been looking forward to the most whilst working in Italy, it is known as the ‘Sinking City’ meaning its slowly taken over by the sea each year. The journey there took just over 3 hours from Florence on the coach, arriving at 9 am.

The first thing I did was to take the water-bus to the city center, where most attractions are, after getting off outside St Marks Square Piazza San Marco the place was already full of locals and tourists.


Instead of queuing up to an hour just to get inside the Bell Tower or the Cathedral, I decided to explorer Venice and leaving these places until the end. I walk through many narrow ally ways and crossed many bridges, finally arrived at Ponte dell’ Accademia where it was less busy. Ponte dell’ Accademia is one of 2 main bridges that connects Venice together, on top of the bridge you will see an amazing view of the Grand Canal. Once you have crossed the bridge, you will be further away from the city center.


Whilst on the other side of Venice, I went to see Peggy Guggenheim’s art museum. It is a top tourist attraction where you will find peace and quiet, at the same time you can enjoy the art people have created a long time ago.


Next, I walked up towards Rialto Bridge to see Venice’s most famous outdoor market, but I was too late and they were closed. I slowly headed back to St Marks Square as its getting late and queued get up the Bell Tower.

The view of the Bell Tower is amazing, you can see the entire island of Venice at 50 meters above sea level.

DSC_0958 DSC_1039

Before heading back to the coach station, I stopped by a restaurant to have dinner before handling the 3 hours journey again. I ordered a seafood spaghetti and its a ‘must do’ in Venice as it is also famous for the seafood.


This is the end of my trip in Venice and there are much more to see. Again, same as Rome I don’t have a lot time and will be very expensive to stay over in Venice.

From personal opinion, Venice is the most beautiful city I have seen and I will definitely visit again.