Robin Yang

University of Huddersfield


Java Development

Algorithms and Processes

For my second year I have been learning algorithms and processes. To understand them I have been learning to program algorithms in Java. For my own reference/end of term assessment, I have produced a logbook containing all the algorithms and processes works I have done throughout the term.

Algorithms includes:

  • Randomising
  • Swapping
  • Sorting
  • Storing
  • Parallel processing

Copy of my logbook to be read as reference:


Software Design And Development Assignment

The problem is to define classes suitable for playing a game of ‘Who Wants to be a Zillionaire’. This game is a cross between the successful TV quiz shows ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’. Players chooses a category on which to answer questions. There will 3 categories, Game, General and Technology. Questions are of a multiple-choice nature with the answer being one of four possibilities. If the player answers the question correctly an amount of ‘money’ is credited to that player.

Above is my assignment brief, I have change some of the original requirements, for example: the player will require to answer 10 questions correctly to win the game. 3 lifelines is available- Ask Audience, 50/50 and Clue.

If the player answers a question wrong they will automatically be diverted to the ‘lost screen’, which informs the user that they have lost the game.

All the GUI and functionality is created using Eclipse Java.

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