Robin Yang

University of Huddersfield


Placement Year

Moving work stations

Due to trainee issues, I was kindly asked to move from working at Villa to Schifanoia to Villa La Fonte. Working in Villa La Fonte, I will be helping users who are taking part in researches for the Robert Schuman Centre and Max Webber Programme departments.

I consider this as a new challenge as I will need to adapt to a new environment, meeting new people and understand which software are used.

Work Station at EUI (Villa Schifanoia)


This is my work desk where I will be spending the year (unless there are changes).


This is the rest of the office, filled with computers and IT equipments. There isn’t much to talk about my office other then its quite spacious for 2 people to work in and I enjoy working here.

About EUI

The EUI same as any other universities but they only offer doctorate level studies to promote the level of research/studies around Europe. The institute offers 4 subjects and 2 researching departments:


  • Law
  • History
  • Social and political science
  • Economics

Researching departments

  • Max Webber Programme
  • Robert Schuman Centre

Throughout the year I will be working in Villa Schifanoia, the site that looks after all the technical problems for staffs, researchers and professors from the Law and history department.


Starting placement

Shortly after getting my results for second year (2:1), I flew to Florence a week prior starting the placement to give myself sometime to prepare myself.

Going onto the roles and responsibilities as an IT support, these are the duties I will be doing everyday:
·    Helpdesk management (answering on the phone, first line troubleshooting and solving, opening and closing support tickets)
·    Installation of PCs
·    Asset management (HW and SW inventory management)
·    Cloning procedures
·    Networking
·    Installing PC hardware – external peripherals and internal components
·    Installing software on Windows and Mac platforms
·    Troubleshooting on software and hardware on Windows and Mac platforms
·    Email ( MS Outlook or Web-based)
·    General support of user IT related problems
·    Documentation skills including HTML

I will be here for a year starting from the 16th July 2015 and finishing on 15th July 2016.

Placement in Florence Italy

Italy For placement I will working at EUI (European University of Institute) for a year to gain industrial experience.

This will be a once in a life time opportunity working abroad in a foreign country and, I personally think it will push me further then getting a placement in UK, since I will have to speak in Italian and working beyond my comfort zone without additional support from family.

My placement will last for 12 months and I will be starting around July after getting results for second year.

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