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Mechanical Technology

This something I’ve found interesting, ever since little I always thought watches were made first using batteries but it is the opposite and its very intriguing to know that it is possible by using a simple spring.


This is an image of the main spring used in current automatic watches.

Automatic watches requires winding on the knob which is also used to set the time, to give the watch energy to move all the components inside. Of course over a period of time the watch will eventually stop moving (estimated around 2 days) but it will not if its worn because it uses the persons movement to move the spring within the watch to keep the watch working.

Other methods have also been tested such as using solar energy to power up the battery, however it is simply not as clever to create automatic movements inside a watch.

Google CardBoard 2


This is my hands on the Google CardBoard, I have been testing it with the Galaxy Alpha and it was an amazing experience touching near on Virtual Reality. This piece of gadget can get quite uncomfortable to wear due to the card design and I have had issues to fully working it, the magnet to select are too sensitive cause my phone to select constantly.

However it is still fun to play with and surely its cheap to buy for taste of virtual reality, in comparison with the Oculus Rift cost around 30 times more.

Samsung Gear VR


After researching about the Google CardBoard, I have found that Samsung had partnered with Oculus to introduce a new piece of gadget to boost up their Samsung Gear lines.

Samsung Gear VR is due to release by December and will only support with the Galaxy Note 4. This kit will cost around £149.99 and more if bundled with a Bluetooth gamepad.

This piece of gadget tends to be similar with the Oculus Rift, users can watch videos, play games and even  experience 360 degree of virtual reality. From reviews (TechRader), the verdict was fun to play with, the graphics was amazing and no lag. The biggest downfall of this product is that it will only support with the Galaxy Note 4, it will be more popular if it was capable with other Galaxy devices such as the Alpha or the S5.

Prynt Poloaroid

See Prynt in action from PRYNT on Vimeo.

Password if required : welovepryntcases

Prynt had announced their new Poloaroid phone case allowing you to instantly print your photos taken from your iPhone of Android phone. The product are currently still in prototype and estimated to be released by early 2015.

Google CardBoard

Google Cardboard

Although it was a long time ago, but this piece of cardboard has the ability to provide you with the virtual reality experience claimed by Google during their I/O conference. It requires users Android device with NFC turned on and have the ‘Google CardBoard’ app installed, opened to be able to activate the cardboard goggles.

I have just recently purchased this item and will be giving it a test and share my own opinions of the Google Cardboard. I will be testing it with the New Galaxy Alpha which I have talked about in my previous posts.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha


This is the new Galaxy Alpha, the newer generations of Samsung’s smartphones. I got this on EE by upgrading from T-Mobile to their 4G plans, after using my Alpha for the past few days I can tell you that 4G is absolutely amazing, the internet speed is lighting fast, however you’ll have to be prepared to sacrifice your battery life. I can see slight battery drain on my Alpha, causing me to charge it almost everyday.

Specs of the Alpha:

  • OS: Android 4.4.4 KitKat
  • Display:  Super HD AMOLED 1280 x 720 (HD)
  • CPU: Quad 1.8 GHz and Quad 1.3 GHz  (Octa core processor)
  • Ram: 2GB
  • Memory: 32GB Internal (No SD card slot)
  • Rear facing camera: 12 MP with 4K video shooting
  • Front facing camera: 2.1 MP
  • Finger print sensor
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Battery: 1860 mAh
  • Weight: 115 Grams

The Alpha is very similar to the Galaxy S5 except the S5 has a better display (1080p), camera (16MP), battery (2800mAh) and the bonus feature of it being waterproof and dustproof. The Alpha offers an all new design giving it more comfort in hand whereas the S5 still gives the plastic feel.

In my opinion, I prefer the Alpha over the S5 even though its lacking some specs but looking at the Alpha to the S5, Alpha obviously looks a lot nicer.

OSX Yosemite

Home Screen
Home Screen

Since WWDC, Apple had released Yosemite Beta for public tester, now in October 16th event they have officially released the full version of OSX 10.10.

OSX 10.10 gives a smoother experience with its new features and changes, the major difference is the design of the icons which makes OSX more clean and a brighter effect.

Redesigning OSX had also affect the applications built within OS, such as Mail, Safari, iMessage and many more.

In my opinion Yosemite is looking more like iOS with its flatten icons, translucency design and the color usage.

Zoom Tests of Nikon 55-200mm Lens

After taking the lens out of the box I have been testing it by taking photo of objects outside my house. The zoom of this lens is very good, gives good close up qualities. These tests are from 55-200mm.

Any zoomed images used in my future posts will be taking by this lens.

New Lens for my Nikon D3100

I have just purchased a new lens mainly for distance shooting whilst on holiday or traveling. I will be testing this lens out to tell you about how I feel about it.


  • Mount Type – Nikon F-Bayonet
  • Focus Range – 50-200mm
  • Zoom Ratio – 3.6x
  • Maximum Aperture – f/4
  • Minimum Aperture – f/22
  • Format – DX
  • Angle of View – 28°50′ – 8°
  • Maximum Reproduction Ratio – 0.29x
  • Lens Elements – 15
  • Lens Groups – 11
  • VR Image Stabilisation – Yes
  • Diaphragm Blade – 7
  • Distance Information – Yes
  • ED Glass Element – 1
  • Super Integrated coating – Yes
  • Focus – Auto or Manual
  • Minimum Focus Distance – 1.1m
  • Silent Wave Motor – Yes
  • Filter Size – 52mm
  • G-Type – Yes
  • Weight – 335g

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