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Web Development

Website Created using Codeigniter


Following from the previous assignment, I had to change the style I program in PHP. After learning how to program using a framework (Codeigniter), I was given an assignment based on a case study.

The study is about children who has been referred to this school due to their disability problems (Click about us on website for more information). The company’s problem (A sheltered workshop) was they needed a website so they can use it daily to manage the schools database (for students and admin). The website will also be an online catalog where our potential students can view the offered courses before they apply.

This website is built using CSS, PHP, JavaScript and JQuery.


Feedback for Web Assignment


Received feedback last week and some improvements is suggested in future work.

Achieved A in first assignment.


Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 13.39.32

In my second semester, I have started to use MVC (model view control) architechture in web programming. I have chosen to use CodeIgniter to complete all my practicals works. CodeIgniter is rather confusing to to use, but I understands why programming in an MVC environment is much better then just creating my own structure, which I have done in my first semester.

Using MVC architecture to program in php is quite difficult at start but easy to pick up throughout time. In my opinion, understanding MVC is not difficult but need to spend time understanding how the structure works before typing code and expecting it to work. The purpose of this architecture are to separate messy code within a website from using/creating classes within the model, view and controller folder.

Web Assignment Final

Final design with added CSS


The home screen has been implemented with more features and more CSS. There is a ascending and descending option and will sort results retrieved from the database to A-Z or Z-A. Clickable images/text to access to different web pages and when highlighting the search button, it will change colour and transform from square to a circular shape. You may also look for the hidden images by hovering certain spots of the webpage.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 18.24.49

Next is the details page that shows the results of the selected anime. I have kept it simple with all the details centred. I have embedded videos, added other anime links to keep user interested at the website. Same as the home page, text links are added to access different web pages (database dump).

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 18.25.17 Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 18.25.46

Improvement in Web Assignment


I have improved my assignment by adding a logo which I have created in Adobe Illustrator and features to inform users how many results as found.


In the show details page, I have improved it by retrieving images from the database for each selected anime.

My Website is still in progress and in my next post, it will be the finished version of my assignment.

Web Assignment

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 21.04.03

So far in to my assignment, I have already created the search facility which will display animes from the database, by using the keywords I enter into the search bar. I have not yet added any CSS/Style sheets and it will be on my next to-do list for achieving an higher grade.

After clicking search, an anime will appear below the search bar with highlighted hyperlink. When pressed it will divert you into the details pages which also don’t have any CSS/Styles sheets used. However this page shows you more information about the anime such as amount of episodes, an description and the release dates.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 21.04.27

Web Programming Assignment

My task is to create an website and link it with MySQL, I must be able to display informations stored within the data which I have created and implement extra CSS and HTML to make the design look professional. This assignment must have a search facility for users to find data and it must be robust.

To complete the assignment I will be using all the skills which have learnt throughout the year and some independent research to add in more features. I will be creating an ‘Anime’ website and users will have the ability to browses for varieties of different animes. With anime being one of my interest, I have decided to use it as the theme of this assignment.

First Website

Website 1 for blog

My finished website is different from the original, I changed the layout when I was building on the CSS. My reason to build this website is to practice for my second year since I will programming with other web programming language in my modules.

First web design


I will be studying web development in my second year of university, I have decided to create a webpage using Adobe CS6 Dreamweaver. I will be programming using CSS so I can revise the basics before attempting to program in PHP and MySQL.

I consider this to be my preparation to web programming for my second year of studies.

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